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Last additions - Landscapes
watershed regions in New York State418 viewsThe map shows four watershed regions in New York State labeled A through D.Nov 30, 2011
Grand Canyon411 viewsThe block diagram represents a portion of the Grand Canyon.Nov 30, 2011
stream drainage patterns437 viewsThe maps labeled A, B, and C show three different stream drainage patterns.Nov 30, 2011
Yearly precipitation in New York State385 viewsThe map shows the average yearly precipitation in New York State measured in inches.Nov 29, 2011
generalized cross section398 viewsThe generalized cross section shows the sedimentary rock layers at Niagara Falls in western New York State.Nov 29, 2011
Generalized Bedrock Map391 viewsshows the generalized bedrock of a part of western New York State.Nov 29, 2011
Australia’s major landscape regions388 viewstwo maps of Australia below. Map I shows Australia’s major landscape regions. Letters A through H represent locations in Australia. Map II shows Australia’s general climate regions.Nov 29, 2011
Sunset424 viewsGreat sunset over a field in Canada Aug 24, 2011
Sunset327 viewsGreat sunset over a field in Canada Aug 24, 2011
Sun through trees304 viewsCool shot of the sun peering through the trees in a forest in Canada Aug 24, 2011
No Trespassing 323 viewsA No Trespassing sign nailed to a tree in the middle of the woodsAug 24, 2011
Palm Trees312 viewsSome palm trees on the beachAug 24, 2011
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