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Last additions - Earthquakes, Volcanoes and Plate Tectonics
modified Mercalli intensity scale damage zones 994 viewsThe map shows modified Mercalli intensity scale damage zones resulting from a large earthquake that occurred in 1964. The earthquake’s epicenter was near Anchorage, Alaska. The cities Kodiak and Anchorage are shown on the map.Nov 30, 2011
seismogram 1026 viewsThe seismogram was recorded at a seismic station and shows the arrival times of the first P-wave and S-wave from an earthquake.Nov 30, 2011
seismograms 543 viewsshows four seismograms labeled I, II, III, and IV, which were recorded at seismic stations A, B, C, and D during the same time interval.Nov 29, 2011
lithospheric plates559 viewsshows the boundary between two lithospheric plates. Point X is a location in the continental lithosphere. The depth below Earth’s surface is labeled in kilometers.Nov 29, 2011
seismic stations 521 viewswhich gives information collected at seismic stations W, X, Y, and Z for the same earthquake. Some of the data have been omitted.Nov 29, 2011
block diagram697 viewsblock diagram below shows the boundary between two tectonic plates.Nov 29, 2011
block diagram591 viewsshows a cross section of a landscape. Letters A, B, C, D, and E represent different rock layersNov 29, 2011
Zones of Earth’s interior553 viewsrepresents zones of Earth’s interior, identified by letters A through E. The scale shows depths below Earth’s surface, measured in
Nov 28, 2011
tectonic plate boundaries693 viewsShows the tectonic plate boundaries near the East African Rift. Arrows show relative tectonic plate movement.Nov 27, 2011
Modified Mercalli Intensity Scale522 viewsModified Mercalli Intensity ScaleNov 27, 2011
Earthquake Intensity with Modified Mercalli Scale549 viewsEarthquake Intensity with Modified Mercalli ScaleNov 27, 2011
Cross section of Earth 578 viewsThe cross section of Earth below shows a P-wave moving away from an earthquake epicenter to seismic station A.Nov 27, 2011
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