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Cross Section1933 viewsshows the bedrock structure of a portion of the lithosphere. Letters A through D represent locations in the lithosphere.Nov 30, 2011
apparent path and solar noon925 viewsshow the apparent path and solar noon positions of the Sun on specific dates at three different locations on Earth.Nov 30, 2011
modified Mercalli intensity scale damage zones 990 viewsThe map shows modified Mercalli intensity scale damage zones resulting from a large earthquake that occurred in 1964. The earthquake’s epicenter was near Anchorage, Alaska. The cities Kodiak and Anchorage are shown on the map.Nov 30, 2011
geologic cross section1109 viewsThe rock layers have not been overturned.Nov 30, 2011
sediment samples1054 viewsrepresent three sediment samples labeled X, Y, and Z.Nov 30, 2011
tubes containing sediment1136 viewsshows four tubes containing 500 milliliters of sediment labeled A, B, C, and D. Each tube contains well-sorted, loosely packed particles of uniform shape and size and is open at the top. The classification of the sediment in each tube is labeled.Nov 30, 2011
El Niño conditions981 viewsThe maps show differences in trade wind strength, ocean current direction, and water temperature associated with air-pressure changes from normal climate conditions to El Niño conditions.Nov 30, 2011
seismogram 1022 viewsThe seismogram was recorded at a seismic station and shows the arrival times of the first P-wave and S-wave from an earthquake.Nov 30, 2011
Geologic Cross Section488 viewsRock layers A through E have been labeled. Two index fossils are shown and their locations within the rock layers are indicated.Nov 30, 2011
River Block Diagram727 viewsrepresents the landscape features associated with a meandering stream. WX is the location of a cross section. Location A indicates a landscape feature.Nov 30, 2011
Moon Phases448 views4 different moon phasesNov 30, 2011
Moon at positions in its orbit around Earth506 viewsThe diagram shows the Moon at four positions in its orbit around Earth as viewed from above the North Pole. The date of one of the four positions has been labeled.Nov 30, 2011
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