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seismic stations 520 viewswhich gives information collected at seismic stations W, X, Y, and Z for the same earthquake. Some of the data have been omitted.Nov 29, 2011
Australia’s major landscape regions388 viewstwo maps of Australia below. Map I shows Australia’s major landscape regions. Letters A through H represent locations in Australia. Map II shows Australia’s general climate regions.Nov 29, 2011
physical tests performed on a mineral.623 viewsshows the results of three different physical tests, A, B, and C, that were performed on a mineral.Nov 29, 2011
three stages of mineral crystal formation610 viewsshows magnified views of three stages of mineral crystal formation as molten material
gradually cools.
Nov 29, 2011
names and ages of different bedrock formations557 viewsshows the names and ages of different bedrock formations in North America. The bedrock ages are shown in billions of years.Nov 29, 2011
block diagram697 viewsblock diagram below shows the boundary between two tectonic plates.Nov 29, 2011
block diagram384 viewsblock diagram below shows a part of the eastern coastline of North America. Points A, B, and C are reference points along the coast.Nov 29, 2011
block diagram591 viewsshows a cross section of a landscape. Letters A, B, C, D, and E represent different rock layersNov 29, 2011
solar eclipse415 viewsshows the position of the Sun, the Moon, and Earth during a solar eclipse. The full shadow (umbra) and partial shadow (penumbra) of the Moon and Earth are shown.Nov 29, 2011
percentage of elements in troposphere958 viewspercentage of elements by volume in Earth’s troposphereNov 29, 2011
sedimentary rock814 viewssedimentary rockNov 29, 2011
topographic map504 viewsshows the location of a stream. Points A and B are locations on Earth’s
Nov 29, 2011
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