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particle about to enter the electric field396 viewsThe diagram below represents a positively charged particle about to enter the electric field between two oppositely charged parallel plates.Nov 28, 2011
Water Tank488 viewsThe diagram represents a view from above of a tank of water in which parallel wave fronts are traveling toward a barrier.Nov 28, 2011
open box and its contents461 viewsAs shown in the diagram, an open box and its contents have a combined mass of 5.0 kilograms. A horizontal force of 15 newtons is required to push the box at a constant speed of 1.5 meters per second across a level surface.Nov 28, 2011
horizontal, frictionless surface528 viewsTwo forces act concurrently on an object on a horizontal, frictionless surface, as shown in the diagram.Nov 28, 2011
The procedures and corresponding observations for the activities are given495 viewsA student performed a laboratory activity to observe the reaction between aluminum foil and an aqueous copper(II) chloride solution.Nov 28, 2011
Information about Two Mixtures at 20.°C550 viewsA student prepared two mixtures, each in a labeled beaker. Enough water at 20.°C was used to make 100 milliliters of each mixture.Nov 28, 2011
Component of Natural Gas vs. Boiling Point at Standard Pressure (°C)588 viewsNatural gas is a mixture that includes butane, ethane, methane, and propane. Differences in boiling points can be used to separate the components of natural gas. The boiling points at standard pressure for these components are listed in the tableNov 28, 2011
Reaction between bromine and a hydrocarbon608 viewsA reaction between bromine and a hydrocarbon is represented by the balanced equationNov 28, 2011
Concentrations of Reactants and Products570 viewsAt 550°C, 1.00 mole of CO2(g) and 1.00 mole of H2(g) are placed in a 1.00-liter reaction vessel. The substances react to form CO(g) and H2O(g). Changes in the concentrations of the reactants and the concentrations of the products are shown in the graphNov 28, 2011
Ionic Radii of Some Group 2 Elements712 viewsThe ionic radii of some Group 2 elements are given in the tableNov 28, 2011
Bright-Line Spectra670 viewsThe bright-line spectra for three elements and a mixture of elements are shownNov 28, 2011
Reaction of Zn(s) with HCl(aq)738 viewsDuring a laboratory activity to investigate reaction rate, a student reacts 1.0-gram samples of solid zinc with 10.0-milliliter samples of HCl(aq). The table below shows information about the variables in five experiments the student performed.Nov 28, 2011
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