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Apparent Diameter Of The Sun During The Year505 viewsLists the apparent diameter of the Sun, measured in minutes and seconds of a degree, as it appears to an observer in New York State. (Apparent diameter is how large an object appears to an observer.)
May 09, 2006
Altitude Of The Sun At Solar Noon558 viewsShows the altitude of the Sun at solar noon on certain dates. The positions of the Sun, labeled A, B, and C, were measured by an observer at 42° north latitude.
May 09, 2006
Winds Over A Mountain662 views
Cross section below shows the flow of winds over a mountain ridge.
May 09, 2006
Windward And Leeward Sides687 views
Shows the prevailing winds that cause different climates on the windward and leeward sides of this mountain range.
May 09, 2006
Hydrologic Cycle1369 views
Water cycle diagram
May 09, 2006
Water Cycle608 views
Flowchart below shows part of Earth’s water cycle. The question marks indicate a part of the flowchart that has been deliberately left blank.
May 09, 2006
Wind And Moisture Belts715 views
Planetary wind and moisture belts in Earth’s Northern Hemisphere.
May 09, 2006
El Nino822 views
Represent the Pacific Ocean and the atmosphere near the Equator during normal weather (cross section A) and during El Niño conditions (cross section B). Sea surface temperatures (SST) are labeled and trade-wind directions are shown with arrows.
May 09, 2006
Prevailing Wind783 views
The map shows an imaginary continent on Earth. Arrows represent prevailing wind directions.
May 09, 2006
Amount Of Sea Ice628 views
Show the amount of sea ice surrounding the continent of Antarctica at two different times of the year.
May 09, 2006
Inferred Changes In Earth’s Average Temperature578 views
The graph shows inferred changes in Earth’s average temperatures over the last 500 million years.
May 09, 2006
Air Moving Off The Ocean And Over A Mountain659 views
Shows warm, moist air moving off the ocean and over a mountain, causing precipitation between points 1 and 2.
May 09, 2006
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