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Changes In The Atmosphere Occurring Above Typical Air-mass Source Regions458 views
Shows changes in the atmosphere occurring above typical air-mass source regions A, B, C, and D. Changes in air temperature and altitude are shown as the graphed lines.
May 07, 2006
Average Number Thunderstorms451 views

Shows the average number of days each year that thunderstorms occur at different latitudes on Earth.
May 07, 2006
Air Movement In Earth’s Atmosphere712 views
Different patterns of air movement in Earth’s atmosphere. Air temperatures at Earth’s surface are indicated in each cross section.
May 07, 2006
General Movement Of Air564 views
The cross section shows the general movement of air within a portion of Earth’s atmosphere located between 30° N and 30° S latitude. Numbers 1 and 2 represent different locations in the atmosphere.
May 07, 2006
Cold Front Moving684 views
Cross section below, which shows a typical cold front moving over New York State in early summer.
May 07, 2006
Hurricane554 views
Satellite image which shows a Northern Hemisphere hurricane
May 07, 2006
Changes In Relative Humidity And Air Temperature506 views
Changes in relative humidity and air temperature during a spring day in Washington, D.C.
May 07, 2006
Amount Of Water Vapor That Will Saturate 1 Cubic Meter Of Air489 views
Shows the amount of water vapor, in grams per cubic meter, that will saturate 1 cubic meter of air at different temperatures.
May 07, 2006
Atmospheric Cross Section Of A Winter Storm System478 views
This cross section shows how solid and liquid forms of precipitation depend on the air temperature above Earth’s surface.
May 07, 2006
Structure Of Kaolinite492 views
Represents a part of the crystal structure of the mineral kaolinite.
May 07, 2006
Sedimentary Rock Sample432 views
Sedimentary rock sample
May 07, 2006
Rock493 views
Shows a rock with deformed structure and intergrown crystals
May 07, 2006
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