Miscellaneous Share-a-thon 48 Files

A share-a-thon is a place where teachers can voluntarily upload their files for other teachers to use. When a teacher submits a file, it is catalogued and placed into a database.


Human Effects of Earth Science article
This article inspired the PowerPoint project. It includes the project description, with vocabulary boldfaced in the article.

percent error practice
Worksheet for percent error practice geared toward the ESRT.

Metric Olympics
Students will become familiar with the metric units by estimating and measuring in a Metric Olympic setting. Kids have a create time with this one. Obtain cards from: [www.nclark.net/mini-metrics.pdf]

Myth vs. Science Quotes
Quotes from Edith Hamilton and Edward O. Wilson about myth versus science.

Observation and Inference Rap
Not sure where I got this from, but its a simple "rap" about what an observation and inference are.

Observation and Inference Notes
Here are some notes on the differences between observations and inferences.

Percent Error (Percent deviation)
Have students practice percent error using this simple worksheet. Tied to the ESRT's.

Percent (%) Error (a.k.a: Percent Deviation) Notes
Introduction notes to the concept of percent error.

Rate of Change
Have students practice calculating rate of change using this worksheet.

Scientific Notation Worksheet
Students can practice scientific notation using this worksheet.