19 Earth Science Notess

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Energy And Phase Change
Some basic notes on what energy is and the phase changes of water.

Observation And Inference Notes
Here are some notes on the differences between observations and inferences.

Percent (%) Error (a.k.a: Percent Deviation) Notes
Introduction notes to the concept of percent error.

Volcano Notes
These are some very basic notes about volcanoes. Points include: anatomy, lava, vents, types, classification, locations and hot spots.

Shore Line Features Notes
Very basic notes about shoreline features. Points include: waves, beaches, protective structures, changes in sea level and sea floor. Source info long lost.

Rock Notes
Basic notes about rocks. Points include: Background information on rocks, factors for identifying rocks and three (3) classifications of rocks. Source info long lost.

Mineral Notes
Basic notes about minerals. Points include: background, identifying minerals, classification, cleavage and fracture, and Mohs hardness scale. Source info long lost.

How To Use Latitude & Longitude
Notes used to introduce latitude and longitude.

Regents Lab Prep Notes
These notes I used to help kids get ready to complete the lab test out.

Stars Do Now, Guided Notes, And Exit Slip
A Do Now, about a previous lesson on the Big Bang, Guided Notes, and an Exit Slip on stars