Just Submitted Earth Science Files

Below are a listing of files that have been recently submitted. They are in order of newest to oldest. There are 489 files.

Review Worksheet On Earth Interior
Date Submitted: 2011-11-03
Earth Interior questions from five consecutive New York regents exams.

Review Worksheet On Climate
Date Submitted: 2011-11-03
Climate questions from five consecutive New York regents exams.

Review Worksheet On Astronomy
Date Submitted: 2011-11-03
Astronomy questions from five consecutive New York regents exams.

Topographic Maps Activity
Date Submitted: 2011-10-13
I used this as a 55 minute test for my topo maps mini-unit in my class, but it can be used for a classroom activity or broken up into homework assignments. It uses all Regents Diagrams and asks Regents Q's and additional questions.

Time Zones
Date Submitted: 2011-10-13
This is designed to introduce *part of* the basics of time zones as the teacher explains the visuals. Longitude lines, 15°/hr rotation, adding and subtracting during travel, polar view, student questioning based on old Regents questions, etc.

Planetary Scaling Pre-Assessment Test
Date Submitted: 2011-10-04
This is a simple test given before a lab on scaling within the solar system. Helps to address misconceptions before and after the lab.

Sun's Path Lab Activity
Date Submitted: 2011-10-04
This computer-based lab has students test their understanding of the sun's apparent movement (within an observer's celestial sphere) using a University of Nebraska interactive animation. Daily and seasonal changes are covered in this activity.

Caves Webquest
Date Submitted: 2011-06-15
Interactive webquest from the Virtual Cave website.

Biodiversity Through Time
Date Submitted: 2011-05-05
Students graph the changes in biodiversity found in the fossil record over the last 550 million years.

It's All Greek To Me!!
Date Submitted: 2011-04-28
This lesson allows students to use modern technology to recreate Eratosthenes' method of estimating the Earth's polar circumference.