7 Earth History and Geologic Time Links

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Web Geological Time Machine (Link ID 431)
Learn more about the stratigraphy, ancient life, fossil localities, and tectonics of the various time periods.

Basic Nuclear Science Information (Link ID 432)
Review the nuclear structure, radioactivity, and half-life sections on this page to get back up to speed.

Relative Dating (Link ID 433)
How relative dating methods use geological principles to place Earth history events in chronological order.

Fossil Record of the Cyanobacteria (Link ID 434)
Cyanobacteria played an essential role in the evolution of the Earth's atmosphere.

North America During the Last 150,000 Years (Link ID 435)
Maps and information on North America over the last 150,000 years can be found at this site.

Geologic Time: The Story of a Changing Earth (Link ID 436)
Learn about the formation of Earth, dating the age of rocks, geologic time, plate tectonics & climate change.

Radioactive Decay Applet (Link ID 437)
Visual demonstration of radioactive decay and the concept of half life.