9 Earthquakes, Volcanoes and Plate Tectonics Links

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AMNH: Hall of Planet Earth (Link ID 422)
Did you know that it's hotter in the inner core of the earth, than it is on the surface of the sun?

Plate Tectonics (Link ID 426)
Explains the history of our new understanding of the Earth and provides a brief overview of the theories behind it.

This Dynamic Earth: The Story of Plate Tectonics (Link ID 427)
Learn more about the history, theories, and research of plate tectonics with this online edition of the USGS book.

The Inside Story (Link ID 428)
Press release about the old vs. new models of mantle convection.

The Mid-Ocean Ridge (Link ID 429)
This site is about sea floor spreading, with good general geology and geophysics about mid-ocean ridges.

1906 quake (Link ID 606)
Nice imagery and a brief overview of the 1906 quake and tectonics.

Plate Tectonic Animations (Link ID 960)
Great site with several images and animations dealing with plate tectonics.

The Old Faithful WebCam (Link ID 971)
The Old Faithful WebCam sends a new real-time photo of Old Faithful Geyser approximately every 30 seconds.

Earthquake Data (Link ID 975)
Live Interactive Worldwide Earthquake Activity