10 Miscellaneous Links

If a link is "dead" or displays a message that says "no page found" or "404 Eror", please e-mail the "Link ID #" to me by clicking here so I can remove it from this database. Thank you.

Evan's Chemistry Corner (Link ID 929)
This site is designed specifically to help students and teachers of High School Chemistry.

Real Life Chemistry Application (Link ID 930)
Site improves the general awareness of various degradation processes and their impact on systems and human health.

Chemistry Demos and Activities (Link ID 924)
Listing of easy-to-follow instructions for applying chemistry to projects.

ChemCom? Resource Index (Link ID 922)
Great site with tons of resources for the classroom.

University of Virginia (Link ID 923)
Bunch of great ideas and activities.

General Chemistry Online! (Link ID 919)
Site contains a searchable database of over 800 common compound names, formulas, structures, and properties.

Dr. Cotton's Chemistry Class Notes (Link ID 917)
Contains PowerPoint or .pdf notes for the entire year.

Online Video Chemistry Demonstrations (Link ID 916)
Here are some selected chemistry demonstrations done throughout the year. They are all in QuickTime format.

Warning sign generator (Link ID 964)
Cool website for creating classroom signs

Learning Conditions for High School Science (Link ID 966)
Science students deserve a safe, effective learning environment. This requires safe and adequate conditions, adequate facilities and equipment, and competent, qualified teachers.