8 Regents Preparation Links

If a link is "dead" or displays a message that says "no page found" or "404 Eror", please e-mail the "Link ID #" to me by clicking here so I can remove it from this database. Thank you.

Practice Exams (Link ID 851)
Sample exams are generated from a database of old regents questions. Some diagrams generated by the program are not complete.

Earth Science Regents Review Site (Link ID 499)
Click here to be redirected to a site devoted entirely to Earth Science Regents Prep. A great site. Contains over 50 different links, activities, review sheets and games.

100 Illustrated Ways to Pass the Earth Science Regents with Sample Questions & Test Tips (Link ID 500)
Most in depth review sheet out there. Merges the top 100 most important concepts in Earth Science with illustrations & concept specific practice regent questions.

100 Ways to Pass the Earth Science Regents w/ Test Tips (Link ID 501)
Same terms as on the illustrated version, but this is a printable copy of just the top 100 key terms without the illustrations.

Earth Science Regents Exam Prep Center (Link ID 567)
Regents Earth Science Exam Prep Center provided by the Oswego City School District.

PowerPoint Presentations & Practice Regents Exams and Questions (Link ID 568)
This site will provide you with some practice regents exams provided by the New York State Education Department as well as some other links that will take you to practice questions that resemble potential Regents questions.

Earth Science Students - CLICK HERE!!! (Link ID 757)
Interactive Regents Exams, Class Notes, Topic Summaries, Review Powerpoints, Animations, Activities, News, and more!

Vocabulary Review (Link ID 976)
INSANE Earth Science Hangman