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Below is a listing of the 10 newest teacher submitted websites. These are submitted by teachers who have educational non-commercial websites that they feel other teachers could benefit from. Check them out and feel free to link to them as you feel necessary.

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Environmental Science Lectures And Worksheets
Free downloadable environmental science lectures, notes outlines, study guides, and other worksheets. Best suited for grades 9-12+
Subject: Living Environment, Author: James Dauray, State: IL

Earth Science Guy
I will add a new resource for Earth Science teachers every weekend.
Subject: Earth Science, Author: Rod Benson, State: MT

Media Construction Of Global Warming
Includes 383-page kit with teacher guides for all eight units, including all activities, readings, slide shows, film clips, journal articles, advertisements, and more. Lessons teach core knowledge about the science of climate change, explore conflicting views, and integrate critical thinking skills. Students will apply knowledge of climate change to a rigorous analysis of media messages through asking and answering questions about accuracy, currency, credibility, sourcing, and bias. Lessons address basic climate science, the causes of climate change, scientific debate and disinformation, the consequences of global warming, the precautionary principle, carbon footprints, moral choices, and the history of global warming in media, science, and politics.
Subject: Living Environment, Author: Project Look Sharp, State: NY

Element Quiz
A fun and free way to have student learn element symbols, names, and facts. Comes with a worksheet you can use for studying or as a quiz.
Subject: Chemistry, Author: Sulan Dun, State: CA

Chembalancer - Balancing Equations Game
Free online game to teach students to balance chemical equations. Works very well, all my grade 9 students learned to balance chemical equations in half an hour.
Subject: Chemistry, Author: Sulan Dun, State: CA

Complete Course In Regents Physics
Powerpoint student and teacher notes, worksheets, labs
Subject: Physics, Author: Peter Butchko, State: NY

Earth Science Video Demonstrations
Over 20 short videos of demonstrations and interesting Earth Science places in Montana.
Subject: Earth Science, Author: Rod Benson, State: MT

RODNEY'S HOMEPAGE For Earth Science Teachers
I started this web site in 1999 to share demonstrations, activities, pictures, videos, and other resources with Earth Science teachers. I will add new things from time to time, so check back often. If you have any questions or comments, you will find my email address near the bottom of this page.
Subject: Earth Science, Author: R. Benson, State: NY

Online Chemistry Game
Fun and Run Chemistry game - reinforces skill needed for success
Subject: Chemistry, Author: Peter Lichten, State: NY

Central physics website with notes, demonstrations, educator activities, discussion forums, and blogs. Focused on NY Regents Physics.
Subject: Physics, Author: APlusPhysics, State: NY