Newest Teacher Sites

Below is a listing of the 10 newest teacher submitted websites. These are submitted by teachers who have educational non-commercial websites that they feel other teachers could benefit from. Check them out and feel free to link to them as you feel necessary.

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Mr. Comet's Living Environment Page
Lab files, vocabulary lists, lecture outlines, and more!
Subject: Living Environment, Author: Michael Comet, State: NY

Site contains 1000's of pages of highly animated PowerPoint, labs and activities.
Subject: Chemistry, Author: Jeff Christopherson, State: IL

Science Sherlocks
Designed for elementary students, parents and teachers. Provides project ideas, science game and science sites links, teacher and parent resources
Subject: Elementary, Author: Nancy Koehler, State: GA

Chemistry Lessons - Labs, Worksheets, And PowerPoint Files
Entire high school chemistry curriculum available, including atomic structure, bonding, calculations, electrochemistry, equilibrium, gases, organic chemistry, solutions, stoichiometry, thermochemistry, etc.
Subject: Chemistry, Author: Jeremy Schneider, State: CA

Web Based Review Game Creation Site
Any teacher can create games using a simple form on the website. Simply input the question data, write the answer choices and that’s it! The games are automatically created and provide interactive review for exams or quizzes.
Subject: Other, Author: Chris Sheehan, State: NY

Mr. Ritchie's @ Akron High School
Follow me for an adventure in learning.
Subject: Earth Science, Author: Herb Ritchie, State: NY

Mr. Patterson's Web Site
Physical Science (6th Gr.) with additional pages for Eastern Hemisphere and LIterature and Poetry
Subject: Physical Science, Author: Brian Patterson, State: PA

Mr. Vinberg's Earth Science Classes
Students use my Learn Earth Science, Animations page with links to other teacher's animations page, My links for Earth Science websites I've found useful. Please share any recommendations.
Subject: Earth Science, Author: Ryan Vinberg, State: NY

Mr. D'Anna's Website
Great regents earth science website.
Subject: Earth Science, Author: Nick D'Anna, State: NY

Mr. Schaefer's Earth Science
PowerPoint notes, worksheets, labs, pics, and a mega-tsunami webquest of the Hudson River...
Subject: Earth Science, Author: Scott Schaefer, State: NY