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Below is a listing of teacher submitted websites. These are submitted by teachers who have educational non-commercial websites that they feel other teachers could benefit from. Check them out and feel free to link to them as you feel necessary.

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Chemistry Lessons - Labs, Worksheets, And Powerpoint Files
Entire high school chemistry curriculum available, including atomic structure, bonding, calculations, electrochemistry, equilibrium, gases, organic chemistry, solutions, stoichiometry, thermochemistry, etc.
Author: Jeremy Schneider
: CA State: CA ID: 26

Site contains 1000's of pages of highly animated powerpoint, labs and activities.
Author: Jeff Christopherson
: Normal Community High School State: IL ID: 28

Amazing Chemistry Teacher Resources
His site contains activities, games, songs, puzzles, animations, worksheets, labs, and internet links for chemistry teachers.
Author: Nancy E Clark
: retired from Bristol-Plymouth Reg. Tech. State: MA ID: 50

Mr. Mancuso's Science Page
Has everything you will need for earth science and 8th grade science: labs, powerpoints, hw\'s etc etc
: KECSS State: NY ID: 61

Nys Chemistry Regents Review
An excellent source of free chemistry regents review materials. please come visit!
Author: Daniel Friedman
: Oyster Bay State: NY ID: 79

Online Chemistry Game
Fun and run chemistry game - reinforces skill needed for success
Author: Peter Lichten
: Byram Hills High School State: NY ID: 90

Chembalancer - Balancing Equations Game
Free online game to teach students to balance chemical equations. works very well, all my grade 9 students learned to balance chemical equations in half an hour.
Author: Sulan Dun
: Stay-At-Home ex teacher & web developer State: CA ID: 95

Element Quiz
A fun and free way to have student learn element symbols, names, and facts. comes with a worksheet you can use for studying or as a quiz.
Author: Sulan Dun
: Stay-At-Home ex teacher & web developer State: CA ID: 96

Science Alive!
Website for secondary science students.
Author: Corey Johnson
: Frederick High School State: CO ID: 111

Stoichiometry Problems And Practice
In depth tutorials and practice quizzes to help you master moles, grams, molar mass, and more.
Author: Wayne Breslyn
: Gaithersburg High School State: MD ID: 117