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Below is a listing of teacher submitted websites. These are submitted by teachers who have educational non-commercial websites that they feel other teachers could benefit from. Check them out and feel free to link to them as you feel necessary.

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Just Submitted New Teacher Sites


New York Science Teacher
New york science teacher is your home for science labs, demonstrations, lesson plans, activities, worksheets, notes, regents review material, educational related information & more!
Author: Christopher Sheehan
: Baldwin Senior High School State: NY ID: 1

Science Review Games
This entire site was created to provide students with a fun and interactive incentive to review material for upcoming exams and quizzes.
Author: Chris Sheehan
: Long Island State: NY ID: 2

Web Based Review Game Creation Site
Any teacher can create games using a simple form on the website. simply input the question data, write the answer choices and that’s it! the games are automatically created and provide interactive review for exams or quizzes.
Author: Chris Sheehan
: Long Island State: NY ID: 25

Science Gnus
Science gnus includes an almanac section for what happened in science...and some math and some history and some literature and some art and some music...on what day during what month. most recent powerpoint presentations are posted in pdf. format.
Author: John Cafarella
: Retired State: NY ID: 15

Armored Penguin
Site has a few great tools to help create games for the classroom.
Author: Barbara Frey
: NNPS State: NY ID: 32

Science Support
A site developed for teachers that provides links and activities for elementary, intermediate, earth science and biology.
Author: Kathy Hoppe
: AHS Monroe 2-Orleans BOCES State: NY ID: 33

Mm's Website
Mm's website contains online assignments, quizzes, powerpoint notes, excel spreadsheets, utility programs for both physics and chemistry.
Author: Frederick Morris
: Toll Gate High School State: RI ID: 45

Science Rules
This is a teacher created website for students, parents and other teachers. it contains information on science (physical, chemical and biological), technology, content literacy and special education.
Author: Heather Wibberg
: Warwick Veterans Memorial High School State: RI ID: 48

Why Is Science Important
A collection of thoughts from leading scientists, public figures, ...and you
: Camden School for Grils State: NJ ID: 54

Science Camps
We thought you might like to post this reference for teachers of science, especially in new york state: science summer programs for kids & teens in new york state
Author: Science Summer Programs
: Science Summer Programs State: NY ID: 56