Landscapes Share-a-thon 16 Files

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The Geology of the Grand Canyon
The Grand Canyon is arguably the deepest cleft in Earth's surface. A few rivers around the world have dug deeper than the Grand Canyon, but those canyons are not as long nor do they cut though a nearly flat plateau landscape.

Flooding in Virginia
Students will evaluate a flooding event in Virginia using stream discharge data and a topographic map.

Should We Dam The Nanticoke
You'll be investigating what would occur if a dam were built along the Nanticoke Creek and what would be some of the positive and negative impacts this dam would have on individuals or towns.

Floodplain Google Earth
Floodplain overlay using data from FEMA

Rivers and Lakes Google Earth
Rivers and Lakes of an area.

Drainage Exercises
Examine the drainage pattern of the United States and answer questions.

Glacier Powerpoints HUGE FILE [26.3 MB]
Attached are some great photos of a Switzerland ice storm. Shows Glacier features. HUGE FILE [26.3 MB]

River Profile
A Longitudinal Profile of the Colorado River

NYS Landscapes by Drew Patrick
Students use page 2 + 3 of their Earth Science Reference Tables to answer questions about New York State Landscapes.

Yosemite Valley
Here's one of my favorite geologic hot spots. A must visit.