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Sequence of Events Lab (using outcrops)
Paper lab on sequencing of events in a bedrock outcrop. Relative dating laws, unconformities, folds, and faults will be addressed. If you need an answer key, please e-mail me: malachi[email protected] Thank you to the four contributors to this lab.

Biodiversity through Time
Students graph the changes in biodiversity found in the fossil record over the last 550 million years.

Evolution of life and the geologic history of New York State
Students use some laminated fossils (included) and the ESRT to identify the fossils, describe the life and the geology of New York State. A great tool and activity for students to master the use of Reference Table. Geologic History of NYS pgs. 8-9

Topographic maps
Worksheets with contour maps so students understand how to interpret the topography of an area

Pangaea and geologic time
I cut out the middle of pages 8 and 9 to focus on just geologic events and land mass positions with respect to geologic time.

Hand Shaded NYS 1989 Map

NYS ESRTS pg 8 and 9 on Google Earth
Hand colored Generalized Bedrock Geology of NYS, 1989 legend and Geologic History of NYS Table. Be sure to zoom in and change the angle of viewing with all available arrows.

Earth's history exam

Earth's history exam


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