Rocks and Minerals Share-a-thon 33 Files

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Igneous Rock Identification Worksheet
Igneous Rock Identification. Students will use their E.S.R.T. to identify igneous rocks based on the clues provided

Mixed Rock Identification
After students have been introduced to the three categories of rock types, they will use their E.S.R.T. to identify various rocks based on the clues provided

The Role of Quartz in Mountain Building
Students read an article on research showing that quartz aids in mountain formation.

Using the Sedimentary Scheme
This is to help students use the Sedimentary Scheme and chart for the Relationship of Transported Particles.

Identifying a Piece of the Cosmos
A Paper about meteorites found in Pensylvania

Magic Squares- Rock Cycle Vocab
Great intro to rock/rock cycle vocab. Students can check their work with simple math. Each column, row, & main diagonal each add up to 15. Give this sum for lower level students; don't for higher levels. Can be used for any vocab!

History of An Atom
Powerpoint on the History of the Atom


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