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Plate Tectonics
Simple smart board file created to show plate tectonics.

Earthquakes, P & S wave movements and calculations, Layers of Earth, Crustal Movements. All of the references to pages and chapters refer to Tom McGuires Review Book.

This is an educational game based on the Selchow & Richter's, Scrabble to help students learn or review the names of rocks, minerals or fossils, etc. The two digital images on page 3 illustrate the game setup.

Where in the World Was Lystrosaurus?
Students walk in Wegener's footsteps, using his fossil proofs as clues to discover continental drift.

Volcano Notes
These are some very basic notes about volcanoes. Points include: anatomy, lava, vents, types, classification, locations and hot spots.

What happened at Lake Nyos?
An investigation of the tragedy at Lake Nyos. Some basic lab materials are needed as is the internet.

Density and the Earth's Layers
A lab activity that has students creating density columns with various liquids. They then look at how these liquids relate to the layers of the Earth. Good activity for practicing with the ESRT and measurement skills.

Earthquake Study Guide
Review of earthquake features

Layers of Earth Facts
Students will use page 10 of their ESRT's to identify different facts about the Earth's layers

Disaster in Japan
Japan reading with vocabulary and questions to address the CCLS requirements.


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