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A share-a-thon is a place where teachers can voluntarily upload their files for other teachers to use. When a teacher submits a file, it is catalogued and placed into a database.


Drawing Profiles
Allows students to come to the board to learn and practice the steps involved in drawing profiles. Profile Worksheets taken from Phil Medina.

Earths Shape and Polaris
Powerpoint presentation on earths shape and the north star.

Intermediate Contour Line Worksheet
This 2 page sheet has 2 contour line drawing exercises and gradient calculations that are meant as a stepping stone up to the harder contour drawing activities (where the values are not nice multiples of 10).

Map of the Classroom
Students will create a latitude and longitude map over a map of your classroom. You will need to create a map of your classroom to complete the activity.

Map of Your Bedroom
Follow up activity to Map of the Classroom. Students will apply what they learned in class to create a map of their bedroom.

How to Use Latitude & Longitude
Notes used to introduce latitude and longitude.

How to Use Latitude & Longitude
PowerPoint that follows the notes, "How to Use Latitude and Longitude".

Gradients 1
Worksheet where students can practice calculating gradients.

Time Zones
This is designed to introduce *part of* the basics of time zones as the teacher explains the visuals. Longitude lines, 15°/hr rotation, adding and subtracting during travel, polar view, student questioning based on old Regents questions, etc.

Topographic Maps Activity
I used this as a 55 minute test for my topo maps mini-unit in my class, but it can be used for a classroom activity or broken up into homework assignments. It uses all Regents Diagrams and asks Regents Q's and additional questions.


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