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Sun's Path Program Lab
Amazing to have such control over a virtual plastic hemisphere and watch as the sun makes its path across the sky.

The Big Dipper in 3D
Construct the Big Dipper and view this famous asterism from a galactic perspective.

In this lab, you'll construct 2 ellipses, and examine and measure them to determine some of the fundamental properties of ellipses.

Graphing Tides at the Battery, NY
Students can use Microsoft Excel to graph the tides at the Battery (where the Hudson River enters the Atlantic Ocean) on any given day! This lab can easily be altered to study any location!

Angular Diameter of the Sun
When we think of size, we usually think of units such as meters or liters. But we can measure the apparent size of an object in in degrees of angle. The diagram above shows that the apparent size of the moon is about half the apparent size of a dime held

The Expanding Universe Lab
In this activity, you will use Hubble Space Telescope Images to view how objects in the Universe change and create scientific models of the Universe.

Making Light...
Your task is to demonstrate to the class as many truly different ways as you can of creating light. Use the lines below to list your methods. Each method must be unique, and not just using different materials to do the same thing.

The Greek Geometer
Quite remarkable that someone would calculate the dimensions of planet Earth over a thousand years (!) before most people realized that the Earth is, in fact, a sphere and that Earth is, in fact, a planet.

Temperature/Luminosity Chart
Temp./Luminosity Chart- This powerpoint will help teach the parts of the Temperature/Luminosity graph in the Reference Tables.

Ellipse Lab
A step by step procedure on drawing an ellipse.


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