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Blue Planet IMAX Mixed Review
1. Script of Blue Planet IMAX to assist in determining usefulness 2. Q&As during viewing 3. Crossword puzzle 4. Vocabulary Worksheet 5. Answers

cloud in a bottle
modeling how to make a cloud

Air Masses & Fronts Smartboard Activity
Zip file contains a .notebook file for "building" fronts and air masses on a smartboard. Please also download the related PDF graphic organizer and cut-out parts for students to use to create their own paper copy.

Air Masses & Fronts Graphic Organizer
Can be used alone or with the Air Masses Smartboard Activity. Pages 1/2 are a graphic organizer for 4 types of fronts, pages 3 and 4 are cut-out pages (print on blue for cold, pink for warm) so students can paste into organizer. Pages 3/4 should be cut in

Weather Watching
Worksheet where students match weather terms to vocabulary words.

Humidity and Dew Point
Powerpoint explain humidity and dewpoint

Evaporation and Condensation
This is a simple, yet effective, activity to reinforce the processes of evaporational cooling and condensational warming. It can be done as a class or given to students as a 'hands-on' activity and exercise in following directions.

Apparent Temperature (Heat Index) worksheet
Use the national weather apparent temperature data table to answer questions about the relationship between heat index and dangerous health conditions.

Weather Instruments
Use diagrams of wetaher instruments to tell what they are used to measure and what units are used for the measurements.

Absorb/Emit Lab
Uses light bulbs shining on shiny can vs black can and beaker of water vs beaker of soil to compare heating and cooling rates


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