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A share-a-thon is a place where teachers can voluntarily upload their files for other teachers to use. When a teacher submits a file, it is catalogued and placed into a database.


Lab Safety Pamphlet
A different approach on a rather dull topic. Students create a safety pamphlet based on the 10 most important lab safety rules.

Metric System Conversions
Practice metric system conversions using this worksheet.

Changing Environment Notes
Some introductory notes on the concept of change and the changing environment.

Earth Science Regents Estimated Schedule
Outline of an estimated time schedule of regents core.

Earth Science Web Sites
Most of these sites came to me via the New York ESPRIT listserv.

Scope and Sequence of High School Science
A little document that details a sample scope and sequence of all of the topics covered in high school science.

ideas for a trip out west
I have summarized many comments and have included links to sites with information about each location. Yosemite, Yellowstone, and Grand Canyon were left out because they tend to be mobbed with tourists and everybody would think of them.

Disaster Preparation Project
Here's the final version of the Disaster Preparation Project that many folks on ESPRIT collaborated with me on. I hope you find it useful!

What's So New About Newspaper?
Students will explore how newspaper behaves during different tests. They will determine how the internal structure (grain) of the paper will influence its behavior.

Disaster PowerPoint evaluation sheet
Inspired by a recent NYTimes article on the disparity of effects of natural disasters on 3rd world & disadvantaged people, this project has students create presentations detailing the causes of the disaster, and its effects on people and the land.


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