20 Earth Science Smart Boards

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Plate Tectonics
Simple smart board file created to show plate tectonics.

Thunderstorms And Lightning
Simple lesson on how thunderstorms develop and how to stay safe during these storms. Use with speakers (real wave file of thunder).

Wind, Sea And Land Breezes
Diagramming Sea and Land breezes.

Hurricane Dean (graphing)
Using the data from Hurricane Dean (or any others) students can practice general graphing, plotting points using latitude and longitude directly on the smartboard. Uses two of the graphs from a lab shared by Steve Kluge. Works well as a review or modeling

Density, Mass, & Volume
Students will assist the teacher in answering questions, making measurements, drawing pictures, dragging objects into the correct place, and various other activities to develop a better understanding of density, mass, and volume.

Stream Characteristics/Saving Stew (kind Of Silly, But Works Well!)
Silly "Stew" wants to build a house in the neighborhood. He asks for our help. Although we know better, we allow Stew to build his house nice and close to the outside of curve in a stream. When a heavy rain blows into town, Stewy learns the hard way.

Drawing Profiles
Allows students to come to the board to learn and practice the steps involved in drawing profiles. Profile Worksheets taken from Phil Medina.

Temperature Conversions
Heat, Temperature and Temperature Conversions (uses blown up Ref tables from Charles Burrows)

Brief Into To Science Concepts
Into to topographic maps, reading contour lines, drawing contour lines, gradient, and drawing a profile. All of the references to pages and chapters refer to Tom McGuires Review Book.

Intro To Minerals
Properties, tests to perform, intro to Rocks, igneous, sedimentary, metamorphic, and rock Cycle. All of the references to pages and chapters refer to Tom McGuires Review Book.