168 Earth Science Worksheets

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Gotham Equinox
Students examine map and photograph of setting sun aligned with 34th St. in NYC to determine the date that the photograph was made. Makes a good "wrap-up" activity, or can be done as a lesson led by the teacher.

Tides At The Battery, NY
How can graphs be used to understand the tides? Students will use current data from the web to graph recent tides and tide predictions. They will analyze the tidal pattern and determine the accuracy of the predictions. They will make predictions.

Teaching Earth-Moon Scaling
Exploring questions and comparing alternative conceptions about Earth-Moon relationships provide an opportunity to: Emphasize the primary role of empirical criteria, logical argument and skeptical review in the historical.

Insurance Company Letter Regarding Hurricane Premiums
Recent storms have had devastating effects on properties in many parts of the country. We find it necessary to take action to reduce our exposure to future catastrophic loss therefore we are increasing you hurricane deductible.

Hurricane Preparedness
Attached are a brochure and evacuation map for hurricanes in New York City.

Disaster Preparation Project
Here's the final version of the Disaster Preparation Project that many folks on ESPRIT collaborated with me on. I hope you find it useful!

Relative Age Self-Design Quiz
Students use relative age principles to describe the processes that formed a geologic profile, draw the profile as an answer key, and give their "quiz" to another student. Students use a teacher designed rubric to score their quiz.

Earth History Tours, Inc
Students will use charts and internet resources to gain an understanding of a specific time period. Students are time travel agents creating an advertisement for their geologic time period.

Time Travellers: Adventure To The Archaean
Students will study fossil evidence of life on Earth from the PreCambrian through the Cenozoic. Specifically, and based on information derived from a web site on Archaean life and conditions, students will write an illustrated report.

Weather Maps In Motion
How do we interpret current weather maps? Students will observe current weather map loop animations. They will observe the movement of fronts and air masses. They will analyze a specific weather station model.


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