24 Chemistry PowerPoints

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Provides the mathematics of chemistry using the mole concept.

Overview of solutions and homogeneous mixtures.

Overview of gases including behavior, laws, and kinetic molecular theory.

Reaction Kinetics
Overview on the study of the factors that can influence the RATE or SPEED of a reaction.

Acids And Bases
Overview on the basics of acids and bases which are common solutions that exist everywhere. Almost every liquid that we encounter in our daily lives consists of acidic and basic properties, with the exception of water.

Every element and ion has the potential to lose electrons as well as gain them - we can make use of these differences in potential to lose and gain in the design of an ELECTROCHEMICAL CELL.

Organic Chemistry
Overview of organic chemistry focusing on hydrocarbons with an emphasis of the aliphatic series, chains or branched chains.

Functional Group Reactions
Overview of functional groups and organic reactions.

Nuclear Chemistry
Overview of nuclear chemistry focusing on the sub-field of chemistry dealing with radioactivity, nuclear processes and nuclear properties.

Regents Chemistry Review 2
Provides review for the New York State Regents in Chemistry. The questions in Review 2 generally do not involve reference to a major diagram. All questions are taken from Regents Exams, parts A and B-1.


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