165 Earth Science Worksheets

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Sea Level Change Graph
Students graph the changes in sea level over the last 150 thousand years.

Glacier Thickness Graph
Students will graph the loss in glacier thickness of three benchmark glaciers since 1965.

Where In The World Was Lystrosaurus?
Students walk in Wegener's footsteps, using his fossil proofs as clues to discover continental drift.

Rounding Practice
Document which provides students some practice rounding numbers to the nearest whole number, tenth, hundredth, and thousandth. Provides a basic overview of rounding and 32 problems.

Penny Lab
To measure the mass and volume of a various samples; To determine the density of copper; To make inferences based on collected data

Intermediate Contour Line Worksheet
This 2 page sheet has 2 contour line drawing exercises and gradient calculations that are meant as a stepping stone up to the harder contour drawing activities (where the values are not nice multiples of 10).

This is a two day activity guide for students to work on it groups. You can have students use the internet or print the materials.

Is It A Moon Rock? (authentic Assessment Activity)
An authentic assessment activity that has students working in teams to examine rock samples to try and determine if they might be moon rocks - or cannot be moon rocks. The 2-sided activity sheet includes the original news clipping, all the lunar geology f

Mining For Natural Resouces
Cookie mining lab to see the impact mining has on an environment

Cloud In A Bottle
Modeling how to make a cloud


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