156 Earth Science Labs

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Up, Down, And Downstream
Many students think rivers always flow south. This misconception can be illustrated as such by this activity. You?ll need to supply outline maps of the USA and the world.

Sea Floor Spreading
Along the entire length of Earth's mid ocean ridge, the sea floor is spreading. Although this process takes place constantly, it is difficult to observe directly. In the following activity, you will build a model to help understand this process.

Volcano In A Shoebox
Volcano in a shoe box my version. The removal of the lines is always a problem. If you use crayon on the model, it's easier to remove than anything else. Dry off the model. Then using a DRY paper towel, and a little elbow grease, the lines come off.

Lab - Shoebox Topo Map
In this investigation you will work with an elevation field model (the island in the shoe box.) Often, it is helpful to represent a three-dimensional feature on a two-dimensional map.

Weathering Part 1
Weathering halite to determine effect of particle size/surface area on weathering

Latent Heat Lab
Help students understand the science of Chinook Winds, microbursts, and hurricanes

Montana Virtual Field Trip
Learn about the geology of a prominent plutonic formation in west-central Montana.

Surface Area
Students will examine the affect that surface area has on weathering using alka seltzer.

Ellipse Lab
A step by step procedure on drawing an ellipse.

Water Cycle
All of the Earth's water (70% of the Earth's surface) goes through a cycle in which the water changes its locations or physical state through different processes. In accordance with the law of conservation of matter, water is not created or destroyed, it


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