171 Earth Science Worksheets

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Weather Instruments
Use diagrams of wetaher instruments to tell what they are used to measure and what units are used for the measurements.

Regents Lab Stations
Stations to practice skills needed to complete the lab test out. Ellipse answer key is incomplete--you need to measure the ellipse you print out yourself before giving it to the kids!

Earth's Interior
An introduction to page 10 of the ESRT, so kids learn what is there.

Using The Sedimentary Scheme
This is to help students use the Sedimentary Scheme and chart for the Relationship of Transported Particles.

Topographic Maps
Worksheets with contour maps so students understand how to interpret the topography of an area

ESRT Page 5 Worksheet
Worksheet designed to get students used to looking at page 5 of the ESRTs and utilizing everything it contains

Pangaea And Geologic Time
I cut out the middle of pages 8 and 9 to focus on just geologic events and land mass positions with respect to geologic time.

Station Models Practice
Introductory activity to station models. Parts of this activity were borrowed from a worksheet available at: http://greenteamwayland.weebly.com/uploads/2/7 /4/5/2745111/statmodpractice.pdf other parts were borrowed from: http://teachers.d11.org/

Latitude And Longitude Using ESRT Pages 4 & 5
Students will use pages 4 and 5 of their ESRT's to demonstrate their knowledge of latitude and longitude

Topographic Map Worksheet
Worksheet that you can use to help explain how to do profiles


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