155 Earth Science Labs

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Earthquakes And Plate Boundaries
The following lab activity requires the use of the Seismic Eruption software installed on the network.

Calorimeter Conduction
Standard Conduction Lab using the Styrofoam cups and the aluminum bar.

Mass Movement Lab
Lab simulating the process of mass movement and/or landslides.

Weathering Of Sugar Cubes
Students will investigate physical and chemical weathering through the use of sugar cubes.

HR Diagram Lab
This is a fairly advanced usage of excels graphing wizard. If students are unfamiliar with it I would do another introductory data entry exercise first.

Plate Tectonic Internet Activity
Go to an internet site and answer questions based on it.

Constructing A Contour Map Using A Plastic Mountain
Students will practice constructing and interpreting a contour map.

Metric Olympics
Students will become familiar with the metric units by estimating and measuring in a Metric Olympic setting. Kids have a create time with this one. Obtain cards from: [www.nclark.net/mini-metrics.pdf]

Latitude And Longitude Lab (Where In The World Is Baldwin NY)
Lab where students really get to understand latitude and longitude. A portion requires the ESRT's.

Calculate Planetary Diameter Using A Safety (Safe-T) Compass
An older lab where students calculate the equatorial diameters of the nine planets using mathematical ratios then plot them using a safety compass.


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