36 Living Environment Worksheets

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Naming The Blood Vessels
An illustrated worksheet to name the arteries.

Is It Alive Campus Walk
Take the students on a walk around campus and let them identify living, non living and dead things

Connections Between Body Systems
This is a simple diagram that ties the functions of the respiratory, circulatory and digestive system with the needs of a cell. Can also be used to review the diffusion of molecules (amino acids, glucose, oxygen, and carbon dioxide.)

Diffusion In The Body
This is a legal-sized foldable worksheet about how molecules diffuse in the digestive and respiratory systems and via the circulatory system to and from cells. Shows alveoli, villi, and capillaries. Careful when copying back to back; do one copy first!

Nervous System

Surviving Biology Regents Exam One Day At A Time
Three sets of Biology Regents practice questions. A great quick practice for students. With Answers and clean, clear, easy-to-understand Guided Explanations of answers. Hope you and students like it.

Evolution Key Terms
This is a worksheet for students to write down their key terms.

Surviving Biology Regents Exam: The Living Environment Prep
Organized and Engaging Day-by-Day question sets for preparing for Biology Regents Exam: The Living Environment With Clean, clear, and easy-to-use with Answer Explanations and progress tracker.

LE Keyword Checklist
A list of LE Question Keywords and the number of times the keyword concept was used in the 14 years of LE Regents. An example: The concept CARRYING CAPACITY was used 15 times in 1939 LE Regents Exam Questions.

LE Keyword Worksheet
This student worksheet contains ALL the LE Regents Keywords from the last 14 years. It is EXACTLY like the LE Keyword Checklist EXCEPT there is a NOTE column for students to make their own notes on the Keyword Concepts. The COUNT shows the frequency.


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