155 Earth Science Labs

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The earth revolves around the sun in an orbit which is a special geometric figure called an ellipse. An ellipse has two "center points". Each one is called a focus. The Sun is not in the exact middle of the earth's orbit.

Shadow Lab
The attached Shadow Lab works well for a 40 minute class period. On the Shadow Lab Report Sheet, you will need to draw a sun path for each diagram and label the five positions.

Walking Model Of The Solar System
Attached is a lab in which a scale model (both in terms of distance between the planets and size of the planets) of the Solar System is made in the school's halls.

Angle Of Insolation
Design and discover the reason for the seasons!

Geometry Of Space
Investigate strange geometric properties of the universe by making and using a M'bius strip.

Density Sweet Density
Calculate densities of candy bars and predict what will happen when they are placed in water.

Topographic Profiles Practice
Students will create two profiles, find distance and gradient on a small included topographic map.

Interpreting Topo Maps
Students will use topographic map to identify surface features.

Reading Isobars
Students interpret hurricane data (station model data, isobars, wind direction) to find the relationship between pressure gradients and wind speed.

Lunar Lolipops
The physical shape of the Moon never changes; it is always a sphere. What changes is the portion of the Moon that can be seen from Earth. Half the moon is always illuminated by the Sun.