171 Earth Science Worksheets

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Readers' Theater Script: Water Cycle Adventure
This 10-minute readers' theater play traces water in its never-ending cycle. Students read the script as they perform the play. Neither props nor scenery is necessary. There are 19 characters.

Rock Cycle Diagram
Colorful diagram helpful in showing the rock cycle.

Percent Error Practice
Worksheet for percent error practice geared toward the ESRT.

Compass Rose Worksheet
Practice filling directions on a compass rose using standard abbreviations.

Contour Lines From Elevation Data
Draw in contour lines at intervals of 10 meters starting with 60.

Creating Topographic Profiles
Taken from an unknown website and made into a worksheet, a very useful exercise for understanding what topographic maps represent is the construction of a topographic profile.

Practice plotting, calculating and extrapolating data using the mass and volume of 5 samples of the minerals galena below.

Density Do Now
A simple do now for students involves looking at two boxes each with the same volume. Question's posed is: If each ball has the same mass, which box would weigh more? Why?

Latitude And Longitude (calculating Minutes)
A worksheet that allows students to practice calculating latitude and longitude using minutes.

Density Of Earth Layers
1. Earth's layered structure 2. density 3. experimental errors 4. rocks and meteorites 5. Archimedes Principle applied to the Earth System


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