152 Earth Science Labs

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Making Models
In this activity you and your teammates will construct models to show various features of Earth.

Model Of The Planets
If one is to appreciate the sizes of the inner planet versus the outer planet, it is necessary to make scale models of the planets.

Moon Motions
Even though the moon does not appear to turn on its own axis from the Earth?s point of view, it is indeed rotating as it revolves around the Earth. In the following activity, you will investigate the actual and apparent motions of the moon.

Paths Of The Sun
This lab demonstrates the changing apparent path of the sun across the sky throughout the year.

Orbit And Phases Of The Moon
In this lab, you?ll discover for yourself the pattern of the phases of the Moon.

Reasons For The Seasons
Students will examine the true reason for the seasons using flashlights, plastic balls, and toothpicks.

Solar System Scale
Don't just imagine our Solar System! You have to see it to believe it!

Star's Life Cycle
Students create the stages of the stars? life cycle using common materials.

Sun's Path
Students will trace the daily apparent path of the sun for the beginning of each season at different latitudes. Preparation includes drilling holes in your celestial sphere's.

Sun's Path Program Lab
Amazing to have such control over a virtual plastic hemisphere and watch as the sun makes its path across the sky.


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