15 Basics of Biology Files

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Is it alive campus walk
Take the students on a walk around campus and let them identify living, non living and dead things

Levels of Organization
Simple way to have students define terms for levels of organization (cell - tissue - organ - etc.) without simply defining words on a paper. Students define the term, give an example, and draw the example. Cut out and shuffle the deck before passing out

Cells Jeopardy Review
Jeopardy-style Power Point review for a unit on cells. The file is best with a SmartBoard. More engaging as a review when students can get up and "select" their topic and point value. Answer Key is in a MS Word format. Don't forget to get it!

Cells Jeopardy Review-Answer Key
Answer Key for "Cells Jeopardy Review" SmartBoard document. Be sure to check it over for material you have covered. Wild-Card is specific to my group of students, so you will want to change that.

Cell Project
Basic cell structure activity