8 Atomic Concepts Files

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Lewis Dot Structures
System that uses dots to represent the valence electrons in an atom, an ion or a molecule.

Atomic Mass
The purpose of the following experiment is to get you familiar with how to measure relative masses. There are no significant dangers in this lab, but do use common sense and be careful at all times.

Using a Toppler game, students discover how atoms become unstable and decay.

Surviving Chemistry
A Guided Study of three topics: Matter and Energy, The Periodic Table, and Atomic Structure

Surviving Chemistry: Atomic Structure Worksheet
Organized and engaging sets of worksheet on the Atomic Structure, with clear objectives for each set.

A Review of Atomic Structure and Periodic Table
This is a very clean, clear, and easy-to-understand review of the atomic structure and periodic table concepts, with hundreds of Regents practice questions.

Atomic Structure
An introductory PowerPoint on atomic structure.

Unit 1: The Atom
A PowerPoint to help students practice collegiate style note-taking.