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Measurement Metric Relationships
Practice worksheet on converting metric units.

If I burn 0.315 moles of hexane (C6H14) in a bomb calorimeter containing 5.65 liters of water, what's the molar heat of combustion of hexane if the water temperature rises 55.40 C

Chemical Reactions
In this lab you will be performing several experiments. For each one you will be expected to write an equation and indicate the type of reaction (composition, decomposition, single replacement, or double replacement).

Naming & Molar Mass
Practice naming

Percent Composition
Notes on Percent Composition By Mass. Part divided by the whole.

Writing Chemical Equations
Exercises in putting word equations into chemical formula format.

Greatest chemical discovery ever?
A chemical discovery and its industrial application between 1909-1912 is keeping alive nearly half the people on earth. Good example of the importance of real-world chemistry.

Exothermic/Endothermic Reactions
Measure the changes in temperature in reactions and then determine whether or not the reaction is endo- or exothermic.

Chemicals in the Environment
This kit is a historical overview of American representations of chemicals from the three sisters to the Love Canal. It compares conflicting constructions about nuclear reactor safety, depleted uranium, Rachel Carson and DDT. Through analyzing d

Junk Food Labs
This is a simple lab to demonstrate density columns; the cool thing is the students can drink their own project. Takes about half a period. I use special lab glassware that is used for EATING only, stored in a separate closet so no glassware may become


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