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Earth Science Calendar
Date Submitted: 2005-09-01
One logical order of presentation of the NYS Core and an estimated time allocated for each unit.

Earth Science Puzzles
Date Submitted: 2005-09-01
Intellectual challenges for major content units. Encourages students to think "above and beyond" the core.

Earth Science On A Shoestring
Date Submitted: 2005-09-01
"Earth Science and Empty Milk Bottles; Small science for big results" Using empty plastic milk bottles for a variety of lab applications from funnels to rock sample organizers.

Graphing Tides At The Battery, NY
Date Submitted: 2005-09-01
Students can use Microsoft Excel to graph the tides at the Battery (where the Hudson River enters the Atlantic Ocean) on any given day! This lab can easily be altered to study any location!

Internet Scavenger Hunt
Date Submitted: 2005-09-01
Have your students explore the information highway for Earth Science trivia.

Making Models
Date Submitted: 2005-09-01
In this activity you and your teammates will construct models to show various features of Earth.

Glacier Powerpoints HUGE FILE [26.3 MB]
Date Submitted: 2005-09-01
Attached are some great photos of a Switzerland ice storm. Shows Glacier features. HUGE FILE [26.3 MB]

Weathering Rates
Date Submitted: 2005-09-01
Students will use the weathering rates graph to examine the different types of weathering that are predominant in an area.

Water Molecule Model
Date Submitted: 2005-09-01
Using clay and straws, students build a water molecule and investigate its properties.

The Journey's End
Date Submitted: 2005-09-01
By the end of this exercise, the student will be able to describe how size, shape and density of sediment grains affects their rate of settling, describe the vertical arrangement of mixed material after being dumped in water.


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