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Overhead view of sediments616 viewsThe map shows an overhead view of sediments that have accumulated at the bottom of a lake. Points A through D represent locations on the shoreline of the lake.
Sediment Columns849 viewsThe columns A, B, C, and D shown below contain equal volumes of sediment.
Meandering stream397 viewsShows a meandering stream as it enters a lake. The arrow shows the direction of stream flow. Points A through D represent locations
on the surface of the stream.
glacial landscape feature365 viewsshows a glacial landscape feature forming over time from a melting block of ice
stream table447 viewsshows a laboratory stream table. A mixture of sediment was placed on the stream table. A short time after the faucet was turned on, a deposit of sediment began forming at location X at the lower end of the stream table.
River Block Diagram668 viewsrepresents the landscape features associated with a meandering stream. WX is the location of a cross section. Location A indicates a landscape feature.
block diagram523 viewsThe diagram is of the Niagara Falls region as viewed from the north.
water flowing out of a well372 viewsShows water flowing out of a well drilled through tilted sedimentary bedrock. Point A represents a location on Earth’s surface.
Glacier moving down a mountain valley450 viewsThe cross section, which represents a glacier
moving down a mountain valley. The water from the melting glacier is flowing into a lake. Letter A represents
a location on the bottom of the lake.
Water erosion642 viewsUndercutting and erosion of softer rock material underneath caused by running water.
Colorado River394 viewsAn aerial view of the Colorado River.
Colorado River424 viewsAn aerial view of the Colorado River.
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