Earth Science Share-a-thon

The collection of files below was generously contributed by teachers from all over. Many of the files were from David Robison’s original share-a-thon site. The files have been catalogued and placed into a database. You do not need to be a member to download files. Thanks! Christopher Sheehan (Webmaster and Earth Science Teacher)

NON-NEW YORK TEACHERS: Some files refer to the Earth Science Reference Tables or the ESRT's, you can get them by clicking here.

Topics - These are files which have been divided by subject. Within each subject is the option to further narrow your search by the type of file.
Astronomy Mapping
Climate & Water Cycle Meteorology
Density Miscellaneous
Earth History & Geologic Time Regents Preparation
Earth's Dynamic Crust & Interior Rocks & Minerals
Graphing Surface Processes
Media Type - These are all of the files that fit in the categories below. These are NOT divided by subject.
Animations Notes
Demonstrations PowerPoints
Excel/Spread Sheets Quick Assessment Exit Tickets
Google Earth Smart Boards
Images Supporting Docs
Labs Worksheets
Lesson Plans