Elementary Science Resources

Children’s natural curiosity leads them to explore the natural world. They should be provided opportunities to have direct experience with common objects, materials, and living things in their environments. Less important is the memorization of specialized terminology and technical details. Good instruction focuses on understanding important relationships, processes, mechanisms, and applications of concepts. Teachers are encouraged to help their students find concepts that interconnect many of the key ideas to each other.

Grade 4 Elementary Level Science Test Multiple Choice Question Practice
Get some practice with the multiple choice section of the test by taking some automatically graded tests that contain actual test questions. Tests are set up by exam to help you prepare for the test.

Grade 4 Elementary Level Science Test Multiple Choice Questions in Review Games
These are actual Grade 4 Elementary Level Science Test questions from the dated exam digitized and turned into review games for a fun way to review for your test. Finish all 30 in the set to study for your Grade 4 Elementary Level Science Test.

Elementary Science Program Homepage
Resources for teachers and students of elementary science, including an activity of the month, an archive of past activities, unit resources, and annotated links (F. Arnold)

Amazing Animal Senses
Here are some examples of how some animals sense the outside world and the anatomical structures that allow them to do so.

Bugging You
Examine the characteristics of an insect

Embryology: The 21-day Chick Lifecycle. How does an egg develop from the time it is laid to the time it hatches?

Critter Guide
Search for fun facts about animals (from PBS)

The Life Cycle of a Butterfly
Ever wonder where a butterfly comes from?

Backyard Plants
How plants are related to one another

Botanists-in-Training (Kids Only)
We help other people realize how important it is to conserve plant diversity by exchanging our ideas and information

Fun Botanical Science Fair Projects
Too often science fair projects are dreaded by teachers, librarians, and parents, as well as by the students.

Starting a School Garden
Gardens provide an environment in which students can learn to work with teachers and parents while growing plants.

Plants for Kids
Ton of plant links.

A Learning Center for Young Astronomers

Solar System Scavenger Hunt
Search the net in the Solar System Scavenger Hunt Activity

Kids Astronomy.com
See A Different Activity Every Time You Visit

Elementary Science Pages
Index to seven other elementary science pages

Forecasting for Kids
How often do you watch the weather on TV or listen on the radio for the weather forecast?

The Weather Dude’s Weather Resources for Kids
Favorite resource materials for students to learn more about weather and other sciences

Weather Wiz Kids
Page was designed this web site especially for kids to allow them to learn more about the fascinating world of weather.

Web Weather for Kids
Learn what makes weather wet and wild, do cool activities, and become hot at forecasting the weather on Web Weather for Kids!

Gadget Anatomy
The hand powered tools shown on this page all use combinations of the elements of machines to accomplish their functions

Learn about musical instruments
Learn about the different families and different types of instruments.

Musical Craft Projects
Try these free music related craft projects and patterns.

Science of Sound
Click on the icons to learn about sound.

The Wonders of Sound!
This web site is designed to be a place where children can collect information and discover new ideas related to key themes such as international understanding; information; the environment; health and social welfare; and local communities

Build Your Own Coaster
Create your own roller coaster

The Mummy's Tomb
Learn about energy conservation, kinetic, and potential energy.

Wolf Man's Ghostly Graveyard
Learn about fuel conservation and energy transfer.

Cool Experiments with Magnets from Magnet Man
This web site is devoted to magnetism and the cool experiments you can do with permanent magnets and electro-magnets.

Cool Science for Curious Kids
invites curious kids to explore biology... on screen, off screen, and in between.

Dracula's Library
Learn about different forms of electricity and electrical safety.

Land O' Dinosaurs
A long long time ago... back before you were born, there lived the dinosaurs.

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