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Drill Core348 viewsThe drill-core samples were taken from two locations 1000 kilometers apart. Rock layers 1 through 8 have been labeled. Some index fossils are shown in the layers.
block diagram360 viewsblock diagram below shows a part of the eastern coastline of North America. Points A, B, and C are reference points along the coast.
magnetic polarity preserved by minerals395 viewsThe diagram shows the magnetic polarity preserved by minerals within the bedrock of the oceanic crust near the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. Letters A, B, C, and D represent locations in the ocean-floor bedrock.
Drill Core439 views
Drill core of sediment that was taken from the bottom of a lake.
old fellows home sign396 viewsFunny sign from the Ithaca home of Odd Fellows
Gold Mine Town325 viewsA now defunct gold mine and the town that surrounds it.
Oil And Natural Gas Deposits445 views
The cross section shows a typical bedrock structure where oil and natural gas deposits are found.
Drill Rig432 views
Drill rig used to collect rock samples from below Earth’s surface.
Equal Volumes Of Four Samples416 views
Equal volumes of the four samples
We Don't Rent Pigs449 viewsA random sign found in a small western US town.
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