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Aqueduct643 viewsThis aqueduct once carried the Erie Canal over the Schoharie Creek.
Flood Gauge on the Batavia Kill598 viewsA flood gauge used by the USGS to monitor the flow of a stream in upstate New York.
Hydroelectric Station879 viewsThis hydroelectric station is the Blenheim-Gilboa Power Project, which is a part of the New York Power Authority. Electricity is generated through the force of running water. More about this facility can be found at:
Creek Bed Sediments628 viewsThe sediments along the Schoharie Creek show that the creek has changed its course over time.
Vroman's Nose - Marine Fossils797 views600 feet above the valley floor, and 1220 feet above sea level are marine fossils from the Devonian sea that once covered this area.
Vroman's Nose - Ripple Marks657 viewsAlong with marine fossils, ripple marks can be seen at the top of Vroman's Nose.
Glacial Striations - Vroman's Nose Middleburg, NY746 viewsNice view of striations at the top of a local landmark - Vroman's Nose. Note that there can be clearly seen two sets of striations slightly askew to one another, suggesting at least two episodes of moving ice.
Vroman's Nose732 viewsA view across the Schoharie Valley of Vroman's Nose. This landform was carved by Pleistocene glaciation. The outcrops on the front were plucked by ice. There is a hiking trail to the top that will be rewarded with spectacular views of the valley, as well as glacial features and marine fossils.
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