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Weathering Of Igneous Rock596 views

Shows igneous rock that has undergone mainly physical weathering into sand and mainly chemical weathering into clay.
Felsic Igneous Rock567 views
The diagram represents a felsic igneous rock. Letters A, B, and C represent three different minerals in the rock sample. The table describes the physical properties of minerals A, B, and C found in the igneous rock sample.
Structure Of Kaolinite466 views
Represents a part of the crystal structure of the mineral kaolinite.
Crystal Sizes In A Light-colored Igneous Rock655 views
Shows actual crystal sizes in a light-colored igneous rock that contains several minerals, including potassium feldspar, quartz, and biotite mica
Gneiss366 viewsFoliated texture and contains the minerals amphibole, quartz, and feldspar arranged in coarse-grained bands.
Cleavage422 views
Photograph shows several broken samples of the same colorless mineral.
Magnified Block Shaped Sandstone Samples428 views
Four magnified block-shaped sandstone samples labeled A, B, C, and D. Each sandstone sample contains quartz grains of different shapes and sizes. The quartz grains are held together by hematite cement.
Sedimentary Rock Sample409 views
Sedimentary rock sample
Pegmatite Rock422 views
Photograph below shows the intergrown crystals of a pegmatite rock.
Pebbles Cemented In Sand Matrix581 views
Pebbles cemented in sand matrix
Calcite551 views
Broken piece of the mineral calcite
Pegmatite Rock772 views
Photograph below shows the intergrown crystals of a pegmatite rock.
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