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horizontal, frictionless surface528 viewsTwo forces act concurrently on an object on a horizontal, frictionless surface, as shown in the diagram.
open box and its contents460 viewsAs shown in the diagram, an open box and its contents have a combined mass of 5.0 kilograms. A horizontal force of 15 newtons is required to push the box at a constant speed of 1.5 meters per second across a level surface.
Water Tank488 viewsThe diagram represents a view from above of a tank of water in which parallel wave fronts are traveling toward a barrier.
child pulls a wagon861 viewsA child pulls a wagon at a constant velocity along a level sidewalk. The child does this by applying a 22-newton force to the wagon handle, which is inclined at 35° to the sidewalk as shown below.
Conservation of Energy and Motion785 viewsPedagogical Tool Demonstrating Conservation of Energy and Motion, ca. 1890
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