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Station Model 850 viewsdewpoint and wind direction shown on the station model
dry-bulb and wet-bulb temperature611 viewsThe diagram shows dry-bulb and wet-bulb temperature readings for a parcel of air.
Thunderstorm Cloud And Probability Of Hail831 views
The data table shows the altitude of the top of a thunderstorm cloud and the probability of hail being formed for a location in New York State. The map shows the average number of days per year hail strikes the ground in different regions of the United States
Six Weather Conditions Shown776 viewsSix weather conditions shown
low-pressure system510 viewsshows the general surface wind pattern in a low-pressure system located over the eastern United States
percentage of elements in troposphere959 viewspercentage of elements by volume in Earth’s troposphere
Air Temperature vs. Air Pressure 532 viewsData from two weather instruments have been recorded on the graph below. Line A on the graph represents air-temperature data. Line B was plotted using the scale for variable B.
convection in the atmosphere453 viewsThe diagram shows a laboratory box used to demonstrate the process of convection in the atmosphere.
Dew Point / Relative Humidity 509 viewsshows the temperature readings on a weather instrument
isotherm map663 viewsweather map shows the air temperatures recorded at the same time at cities across the United States.
Cold Front And Warm Front931 views

Direction of movement of the cold front and warm front associated with the low-pressure system
Air Temperature and Dewpoint at Syracuse, New York467 viewsThe weather graphs, which show data recorded at
Syracuse, New York, as a winter storm moved across the region between December 1 and December 4, 2007.
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