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Topographic Map733 views
The topographic map below shows a particular landscape
Field Map819 views
Shows air temperature measurements, in degrees Celsius, taken at the same elevation within a closed room. Two reference points, A and B, are shown.
Contour Map817 views
Contour map
World Map781 views
World map
Isotherm Map743 views
The maps show the average monthly air temperatures (ºF) over a portion of Earth’s surface for January and July.
Topographic Map753 views
Topographic map
Length Of Growing Season (in Days)766 views
The map shows the length of the growing season in New York State, expressed in days. The growing season is the average number of days between the last frost in spring and the first frost in fall.
Taterskill Creek624 views
The map shows a portion of the Taterskill Creek flowing past the towns of Lawson and Glenton. The shaded area is Taterskill Creek. The arrows in the creek show its direction of flow. Points A, B, and C are locations on the map.
Latitude System604 views
Earth’s latitude system
Latitude Longitude Grid719 views
The map shows the latitude and longitude grid
Air-pressure Field Map667 views
Represents a high-pressure system over the central United States. Isobars show the air pressure, in millibars.
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